Volvo Is Electrifying The New Car Industry


Volvo is making great strides in the automotive industry. You could even go so far as to say they're electrifying it. Of course, "electrify" can mean to impress greatly. And of course, Volvo has always been a company to do that. It invented the seatbelt and then magnanimously allowing other automakers to use the patent freely in the name of greater safety to all. It created the Volvo 240 - a car that so imprpessed the U.S. government, they started using it as the vehicle that all others were measured against for safety. But the kind of electrification Volvo is instituting now involves the implementation of literal electric technology; from 2019 on, all Volvo vehicles will include electricity as part of the powertrain. Also, from 2019 through 2021, Volvo will release five purely electric vehicles.

Volvo Electrification Efforts and United Nations Involvement

As a member of the Global Compact, a U.N. initiative, and the largest corporate sustainability program, Volvo has made make exceptional efforts to "be the change" in the automotive industry. Because Volvo has been so diligent about meeting the U.N's Sustainable Development Goals, it is also a LEAD member as well.

Innovation: It's in Volvo's DNA

All of the efforts mentioned above to promote a cleaner world for us all and revolutionize the auto industry shouldn't come as a surprise to true Volvo fans. The automaker has been rethinking what being an automaker means from the top-down for years. Even current Volvo cars are innovative in their way. Take the new XC40 for instance, which was developed with smart storage solutions in mind. Or the XC90, which delivers all the comfort of a car and all the practicality of an SUV.

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