If you have a tight garage or frequently need to park in tight spaces close to other vehicles, you should take a look at the new Volvo XC40. This beloved subcompact SUV is available at Volvo of Dayton with some convenient exterior features. These include a powered liftgate and folding side mirrors.

The folding side mirrors are designed to create more space when you park. With a simple press of a button inside the cabin, both of the mirrors will fold in, allowing you to get closer to your garage wall. The mirrors will also automatically fold in each time you lock the SUV with key FOB.

Drivers will love the power-operated liftgate. Instead of having to manipulate the cargo door yourself, electronic equipment will take care of the job for you. With this system, you can also adjust the opening height of the door. The XC40 is able to accommodate lower garage ceilings without any issues.



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