People have selected the Volvo V60 as a popular sport wagon due to its good looks, dependability and cutting-edge tech features. The Momentum package continues the Volvo tradition. A new feature included in the package is the road sign information feature. Front-facing cameras continually search for road signs while the V60 is in motion. When one is detected, it is displayed on the instrument dash. It can be programmed to warn a driver when he or she exceeds the posted speed limit.

Volvo On Call is also available with the Momentum package. This handy phone app can provide a wealth of information whether or not you are in your V60 Momentum. It can tell you whether it is locked, whether the alarm has gone off, fuel information and other features. It can even tell you where you parked it. At Volvo of Dayton, we know the best way to explore the Volvo V60 Momentum is to drive is and encourage you to come in for a test drive with us.

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