One reason the new Volvo S90 Inscription Trim has been ranked as the popular luxury sedan of this year is because of all the unique features in this vehicle. Volvo of Dayton wanted to share a few of these features with our audience today.

The Volvo S90 Inscription comes equipped with the Cross-Traffic Alert system. The way this system works is quite unique, making use of several sensors in the rear of your vehicle that scan out in all directions and warn you when another vehicle, a pedestrian, or other obstruction is in your way as you put the vehicle in reverse.

The Adaptive Cruise Control in the new Volvo S90 makes use of several forward-mounted sensors that locate a lead vehicle and create a buffer zone that is maintained automatically as you cruise the roadways.

Come on down and speak to an associate today about taking this Volvo S90 Inscription for a test drive today!

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