Enhance a Scratched Vehicle by Using Touch-Up Paint

A coat of touch-up paint can restore your car's curb appeal after its surfaces are accidentally scratched. The only way to ensure professional results is by selecting a touch-up coat that precisely matches the automobile.

All manufacturers apply professional-grade paint on their cars, and they track the shades by using factory color codes. If you get the code for your automobile, you'll have no problems applying a matching coat of paint on a flawed area. A factory code may be available in the car owner's manual or on the dash in a cabin. By visiting a local hardware store with this code, an employee can help you select a proper paint.

You'll also need sand paper; a 220-grit option works well for simple scratches, and a higher-grit sheet is an ideal product for severe flaws. During the prep phase, get rid of lingering contaminants by rubbing sand paper over the scratch. Then, restore curb appeal by layering the touch-up paint on the exposed metal.

Volvo Cars of Dayton offers professional touch-up services for complicated flaws. If you need help buffing away rust or applying paint, our services are worth considering.



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