Driving a compact luxury SUV is a wonderful way to get around Dayton, OH! Consider the Volvo XC60 for great technology features for all of your commuting, errands, and weekend road trips. This SUV offers integrated audio features and top driver assistance packages that are popular among those who want to drive a luxury vehicle.

The Volvo XC60 offers drivers the ability to listen to Spotify playlists while driving. The app is integrated, so there is no need to connect your smartphone to the vehicle. This will help you save time and gives you the ability to listen to the music you love right away!

Park Assist Pilot is a technology feature that is useful when you need to find a parking spot that your SUV will fit into quickly. The XC60 will also guide you with parallel parking. Visit Volvo Cars of Dayton to discover all of the technology features in the Volvo XC60!

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