Now that spring is in full bloom, today is the perfect time to get a thorough car inspection before warmer temperatures hit. For those whose vehicles experienced a lot of winter wear and tear, it's time to show some TLC to your car.

Attending to your tires is at the top of your to-do, car-care list. If you are still driving on winter tires, they need to be replaced with all-weather or summer ones. Tires perform with optimal efficiency in the season for which they were built. Thus, your summer tires will be better suited to drive on the road in hot temperatures.

It's easy to procrastinate when one's attention is being summoned in so many different directions. But balding tires and other issues don't wait until your calendar is clear. Therefore, when signs of trouble show, go and see Volvo Cars of Dayton in Dayton, OH and let the certified mechanics get the problem resolved. Even if there are no visible issues, a car inspection after a season change is never a bad idea.

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