Volvo - The Best Luxury SUVs For Families

When you're shopping for a luxury crossover or SUV for your family, we know there are a lot of important things for you to consider. Is it comfortable and roomy? Does it have the latest safety features? Will its features and design make my life easier? Parents looking for the best luxury SUV for their family have to ask all these questions. And the answers lead them to Volvo.

Volvo's luxury crossovers and SUVs have built a long-lasting reputation among parents based on their comfort, safety, and reliability that keeps families confident in their decision. We're going to take a look at some of the most popular Volvo SUVs and crossovers among Dayton families.

The Volvo XC60 - The Quintessential Family Crossover

While Volvo's calling card was once the family station wagon, one of the most iconic Volvo models available today is the Volvo XC60. When you're looking for the perfect luxury crossover to transport your family, it doesn't get much better than the Volvo XC60.

Packed with features to make your busy life easier, the Volvo XC60 falls in that "just-right" size that many moms are looking for when shopping for their next vehicle. It feels and maneuvers like a smaller vehicle, while providing ample space for the kids in the backseat as well as cargo. And with Volvo's signature focus on comfort and safety, parents can drive confidently knowing that their most precious cargo will be secure.

Safety is also enhanced by Volvo's approach to technology. When you're on the road, especially with kids in the backseat, you don't want to be taking your eyes off the road to navigate menus. That's why the engineers at Volvo have made everything simple and easy-to-use at a glance. We know quite a few moms and dads who appreciate this approach to technology in their vehicle.

Another concern we hear from moms purchasing their first SUV is that they're worried about parking such a large vehicle in tight spaces, or maneuvering through crowded parking lots. Volvo has you covered. With its 360-degree camera, the Volvo XC60 lets you see the entire vehicle from the top down, making navigating tight spaces easier than ever. And with Pilot Park Assist, the Volvo XC60 calculates the size of the parking space and angle of approach, to get you parked perfectly every time. Talk about making Dayton moms' lives easier.


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The Volvo XC90 - Luxury Writ Large

Like the XC60, the Volvo XC90's design starts with safety in mind. Volvo tested every seat with passengers of different body types, and packed their full-size luxury SUV with safety tech. And with seating for up to seven passengers, the XC90 is the perfect choice for moms who have a larger family, or who expect to be carpooling to soccer practice.

And not only is the cabin large and luxurious, the XC90's design is focused on keeping things simple and safe. From its easy-to-use technology, to advanced driver aides, to its powerful yet controlled engines, the Volvo XC90 keeps drivers feeling confident and in control. It's no surprise that the XC90 has become a favorite among Dayton parents that wanted a large luxury SUV.

Visit Volvo Cars Dayton for a Luxury Experience

At Volvo Cars Dayton, you won't only have the opportunity to try out these family-favorite luxury SUVs, but also to experience a luxury service experience from our friendly and welcoming staff. Like Volvo's vehicles, our first priority is the customer experience. No pushy salesmen, no gimmicks. We're here to help you find the vehicle that will work best for your family, and to guide you through the car-buying process. Don't hesitate to give us a call, or contact us online to get the ball rolling. We look forward to being able to help you, and to find you a luxury vehicle that will keep the family happy and safe for years to come.


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