If you've spent time in downtown North Dayton, you've probably seen a Volvo S60 cruising the streets. We've written this S60 overview for North Dayton residents looking for a new luxury sedan. The S60 is often considered the standard by which other luxury sedans are judged, and for good reason. Its classic design and superb workmanship truly make it the complete package. Read on to see what the Volvo S60 has to offer North Dayton owners.


Those living in downtown North Dayton have a lot of options when it comes to small luxury sedans, but Volvo owners stay loyal to the S60. Talk to many fans of the brand, and they'll tell you it's the only vehicle they'll buy. The S60 is well-rounded, and like any Volvo is known for its reliability and safety. Its two engine options, a turbo four-cylinder and a turbo- and supercharged four-cylinder offer plenty of power and acceleration. Among small luxury sedans, the Volvo S60 also offers North Dayton buyers some unique options, and by extension great value.


Interior & Features

Drivers of the S60 are first greeted by contoured seats and premium interior materials. The Volvo S60 comes in several trims, each offering a unique experience to North Dayton owners. The T5 Dynamic trim is considered the base model, but still comes with a wealth of both safety and convenience features. Upgrading to the Inscription trim levels not only brings additional safety features and technology, but also a longer wheelbase. That extra length translates to significantly more rear legroom, which is perfect for North Dayton families that are considering the S60.

All models are available with FWD or AWD. Pairing an AWD model with the Climate package means this performance luxury sedan is also well-suited to winter conditions. Features such as remote start, heated seats, heated windshield, and more are perfect for those who want to get going on winter mornings without the pain of an ice-cold car.



The Volvo S60 truly stands out among luxury sedans due to its smart features and solid design decisions. For those who need to get around downtown North Dayton, it's hard to beat the S60's versatility and performance. Our current North Dayton customers have been very satisfied with their purchase, and would buy another S60 in a heartbeat. For those who want to try the Volvo S60 for themselves, we have several models in stock and would be happy to set up your test drive.