There's a certain kind of vehicle that remains popular year after year, no matter what kind of new vehicle is released. That is the "do-it-all wagon", and Volvo's V60 Cross Country sets the bar high for the competition.

Based on the popular Volvo V60 model, the Cross Country raises ground clearance, adds protective elements, and of course features AWD, making it the Volvo to choose if you need a vehicle that can handle anything. Let's take a deeper look below.

Winter Weather? No Problem

As we've known for a long time here in Ohio, even cars that are excellent in the summer can have a serious problem once the snows of winter roll around. There might not be a worse feeling than walking out of your office to find the parking lot snowed in.

That's where the Volvo V60 Cross Country comes in.

Coming standard with AWD and specialty features for off-road driving, the V60 Cross Country is ready to take on snowy roads, muddy trails, and get you where you need to go. Standard hill descent control is a nice touch for this Cross Country model, helping avoid the dreaded slide on a slick street.

Strong Performance, Luxury Feel

While the V60 Cross Country certainly has some rugged features, its driving feel and interior comfort are pure Volvo luxury. You'll love sinking into the supremely comfortable seats after a long day at the office, and standard features like leather interior, dual-zone climate control, and a wealth of adjustment options really make the V60 Cross Country stand out in the segment.

And remember, these great features and more just scratch the surface of the base T5 trim level.

The Technology package is a great option, bringing advanced driver aids and collision avoidance technologies, as well as adaptive cruise control. Stepping up to the Platinum T5 trim brings the contents of the options packages as well as a premium 12-speaker sound system, adaptive xenon lights, and more.

The Climate package is a favorite option for our customers who drive a lot in the winter, as it brings heated seats, steering wheel, windshield, wipers, and more.

Drive One For Yourself

There's really something special about getting behind the wheel of a Volvo V60 Cross Country. But try as we might, there's no way to experience it without trying the V60 Cross Country for yourself.

From its composed handling, comfortable ride, and well-designed interior, to the V60's strong turbocharged engine and smart 8-speed transmission, our customers know they've found their match once they get behind the wheel.

Sound like the do-it-all vehicle you've been looking for? Then check out our inventory below, and get in touch about trying one out for yourself. There are some great financing options available, and we can also get you a fair quote on your trade in, making owning a V60 Cross Country easier than ever. We look forward to seeing you, and are happy to answer any questions you have about the V60 Cross Country or other fine Volvo vehicles we have in stock.